Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello Tang Friends,

There are always many questions when trying to plan a Canadian fly-in fishing trip. I planned our trips for many years before becoming a resort owner. Here are some of most often asked questions about Tang:

What are the “Tang Package” prices for the 2018 season? (US Funds)

3-night/2 day – $460
4-night/3 day – $545
5-night/4 day – $630
6-night/5 day – $715
7-night/6day – $810

Kids under 18 with adult are ½ price

Do you need a deposit?

Yes, we ask for a $125.00 deposit per person to confirm your reservation. (check only)

Where do we mail the deposit?

Tang of the North Lodge
C/O Mark Schneider
1950 Edgewater Place
Victoria, MN 55386

Does Tang accept credit cards for payment of the balance?

No, payment can be made with check or cash.

How many cabins are there at Tang?

There are 8 Guest cabins that accommodate from 2 to 6 guests each. Tang can accommodate a total of 24 guests with these cabins. We also have a couple rollaway beds available to make any combination of guests work for each cabin.

What does our Tang Package include?

Cabin with linens, blankets and towels, shower room with hot/cold water, boat for 2 or 3, motor, gas, boat seats, nets, minnow/leech buckets, breakfast, shore lunch fixin’s, barbecues, ice, refrigerators for your food storage, freezers for food and fish, freezer wrap for your fish, picnic tables, captain’s chairs for “fire pit” relaxation, full use of lodge, including all kitchen appliances and utensils, minnow “live wells” to store your minnows, fish cleaning facility and most importantly, a memorable trip.

What doesn’t our Tang package include?

Bait, fishing license, dinner, plane ride/ticket, and applicable Canadian taxes.

Where do we fly from?

Northwest Flying Inc. in Nestor Falls. Go through the border at International Falls/Fort Frances border crossing. Take Highway 11 west (left) out of Fort Frances, through the small town of Emo. About 3 miles west of Emo, watch for Highway 71. Turn right onto Highway 71 and go north to Nestor Falls. Northwest Flying is on the right side of the highway. You will see their planes docked at the fly-in base with a parking lot right there. The drive to Nestor Falls is approximately 1 hour from the border crossing. Watch the speed limits carefully.

How to save money on the cost of your plane trip in and out of Tang?

If you are flexible and can be in Nestor Falls on arrival date between hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM and/or able to fly out of Tang on your departure date between hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, we might be able to schedule you on a “back to back” flight.  Example: a group flies into Tang on arrival date and group departing Tang gets on same plane flying out of Tang back to base.  With a “back to back” flight, 2 groups are paying for (1) plane and your flight cost will reflect this.  There is no guarantee and Northwest Flying is in total control of all flights, but they have agreed to work with our guests to get the most cost-effective flights.

What time can we fly in?

If “back to back flight” as described above, between 9:00 Am – 11:00 AM.  if not a back to back flight, any time after 1:00 PM the day of your scheduled arrival. You will then be picked up at Tang on your departure date early the last morning of your trip, generally around 8:00 AM, give or take an hour depending on weather.  Again, if back to back flight on departure as described above, you will depart Tang between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. I will send a list of all parties to Northwest Flying with your arrival and departure dates.  You do nor need to contact NW Flying personally, but feel free to call them for any questions you might have. Northwest Flying Inc.’s phone number is 807-484-2126.

How much is the flight to Tang?

The price per person averages about $240 US dollar, plus tax, roundtrip from Nestor Falls.  A ‘back to back” flight on one or both legs of your trip will save you significant money. Gear is limited to 80 pounds per person or a larger plane might be needed which will increase your plane expense. The plane fare is paid directly by you to Northwest Flying and is not included in your Tang package price.

What identification do we need to come across the Canadian border?

A Passport is required for all visitors to Canada and to re-enter the US. Children under 16 traveling without both parents should also have a note explaining the trip and guardian for the trip. They are very careful with minors and making sure who they are when coming across the border with adults.

Who can we call at the border if we have any questions about entry into Canada?

The office to call at the International Falls/Fort Frances border crossing is the “Port of Entry”. The Port of Entry phone number at Fort Frances is 807-274-9780. There is also a self-assessment number to call for people who are concerned about being inadmissible into Canada for various reasons including DWI. The self-assessment number to call is 807-624-2158. The caller will be prompted through a series of questions to determine if the caller will be allowed into Canada if questioned at the border crossing.

Are there grocery stores in Fort Frances or Nestor Falls?

There is a large Safeway Foods in Fort Frances, east of customs about 4 blocks. Very nice store with large variety. Great meat, deli, bakery and competitively priced etc. Phone number is 807-274-4522. There is also a smaller store in Nestor Falls about 2 miles north of Northwest Flying on Highway 71 called Dalseg’s Food Town. Dalseg’s number is 807-484-2172. This store is convenient because they also sell beverages (alcoholic included).

Any bait shop recommendations?

Bite Me Bait and Tackle in Nestor Falls is in the same strip center as Dalseg’s, right next-door actually. Very convenient. We’ve been all over and they have the biggest scoop of minnows in the Nestor Falls area and do a great job packing all your bait for the plane ride into Tang. They also have worms, leeches and all the other “stuff” you’ll ever need for the tackle box. Their number is 807-484-0707.

Where can we get fishing licenses?

Buying your Canadian fishing license and Outdoor Card can all be done online prior to your trip. See “Helpful Links” to get directed to website for purchasing license and Outdoor Card. Any of the bait shops in Nestor Falls and a lot of the convenience stores in Canada on your way up to Nestor Falls also sell these. Certainly the Angler Pro Shop mentioned above has them.

Is there a phone in camp?

Yes, the number is 807-907-1208

Are there “live tanks” available for our minnows?

Yes, just remember to bring in your own supply of minnows, leeches, worms etc. There are none available for sale at Tang.

Do we have maps of the “Tang Lakes” available?

Yes, or click here and print one. Helpful hint: laminate your own personal map prior to your trip.

What species of fish are caught at Tang?

Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout, Large Mouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass.

Do we have beer, pop, and beverages for sale at Tang?

No, just fine Lawrence Lake water.

Should we bring in cans or bottles of beverages?

Please ONLY bring in cans. Bottles are heavy (more weight for the plane), difficult to carry out and none of us need broken glass anywhere.

What meals will Tang supply as part of our package?

Tang will serve a hot breakfast, coffee and juice each morning for everyone and have a shore lunch box for each group with the lunch fixin’s but not the fish. Dinner is your responsibility to supply and cook.

Can we fill a thermos with coffee in the morning?

You bet!

Can we use the Lodge to cook, clean and eat?

Absolutely. There is an oven, stove, griddle, microwave and dishwasher (machine, not human). Just be fair to everyone in camp, please completely clean up your mess before you leave the kitchen and dining room. The “I’ll clean up when we get back from wherever” probably isn’t a good plan. Let’s all be fair to each other and this will work out great. Feel free to load the dishwasher with your dirty dishes when you’re done and we’ll run it for you.

Can we use Tang’s pots, pans and utensils for shore lunch and dinner?

Yes, please clean when done.

Where do we store our dinner food?

We have 4 full size refrigerators. Each group in camp will have the use of 1 of these refrigerators where all your perishable food will easily fit. There are also freezers available in the fish-cleaning shack. Each refrigerator also has a small freezer. We installed all of these refrigerators in the lodge kitchen for your convenience.

Are there barbecues to grill with?

Yes, 4 of them. Very nice, big, gas barbecues. These are located in convenient locations for your use near picnic tables.

Is there an ice machine?

Yes, a very nice, large ice machine that makes plenty of ice for everyone.

Do you supply linens, towels and blankets?


Is there a shower?

Yes, 1 shower room for the camp with a nice shower, sink and mirror.

Can we get our fishing license at camp?

No, purchase your license online before you fly in.

How many lakes can we fish from Tang?

7 lakes, plus 6 other remote lakes (total of 13 lakes) that each has their own character and beauty. Although, many guests never leave our main lake, Lawrence Lake. You will catch all species of fish on Lawrence and some of the best Lake Trout fishing is right out in front of Tang.

How do we get to these remote lakes?

There are 6 remote lakes that we have boats parked at. There is a short hike through the woods to most of these lakes on a primitive path. “Short hike” meaning a few hundred yards for most of these hikes. Just ask us for another motor and gas before you leave camp.

Is Tang the only camp on the lake?

Yes, and the Lawrence Lake area is an absolutely beautiful, peaceful and relaxing area. And, the area is now assured of staying this way forever. We’ll explain why around a campfire some night during your trip while we’re watching the Northern Lights.

When is Tang open?

Tang opens the Friday afternoon before Ontario walleye opener, which is always the 3rd Saturday in May and our guest season at Tang closes on July 3 or so. Yes, a short season, but these 8 weeks offer excellent fishing for all of our guests regardless of your experience, expertise or ability. The late sunsets during this time of year in Canada will let you fish until 10:00 PM or so if you prefer.

Is the fishing still great?

You’ll just have to answer that one for yourself. But I know the answer will be unanimous, YES!  We invite you to visit the “Tang Tour” page for a picture tour of Tang of the North Lodge and Resort.  I’m sure I missed something. Feel free to give me a call with any more questions. See you in camp.

Happy Fishing!
Mark and Pete

Tang of the North Lodge
1950 Edgewater Place
Victoria, MN 55486
(612) 868-1070 (Mark Cell)
1(807) 907-1208 (Tang Lodge, May 20 – July 1 only) (Mark’s email)